Dave Mosher

Dave Mosher combines his passions for science and journalism—paired with infinite curiosity—to craft clear, accessible, and thought-provoking content across print, web, tablet, video, and whatever's next.

Dave Mosher in New York City

Mosher is the online director of Popular Science, where he oversees PopSci.com and leads the website's talented and nerdy editorial team, develops and manages a premiere network of science and technology blogs, and digs for loose change in the ever-expanding couch that is the Internet.

In his spare time, Mosher dabbles in photography, video, web development, and graphic design; bikes around New York City; roughhouses with his dog; and performs science experiments with (and on) an army of nieces and nephews.

Mosher is available for freelance opportunities that hit the right marks and is open to collaborating on genre-defying, world-changing, and/or utterly crazy projects.

The skinny:

Dave Mosher grew up in his dad's automotive repair center in Ohio but lives in New York City. He feels weird about third-person references, but uses them for search engine optimization. To e-mail Mosher, click the cartoon face.